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When the tienda nube’s apps for Android and iOS were launched, the experience of those who were going to have their first contact was not taken into account. It was then that we decided to create an onboarding, to retain and improve the trial experience and customers.

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Why onboarding?

Two years ago, almost three, I was involved in the process of creating the new onboarding for the Android Cloud Store app. For those who do not know, it is called onboarding at the first contact of the user with our product. When we use an app or any type of tool for the first time, if they do not help us use it, we will most likely abandon it.

That is, if you don’t explain to me at the beginning why the app are useful to me, you do not give me a good experience and you do not help me, I am going to leave.

Many apps concentrate on giving you a unique experience as soon as you start using them, such as Doghero, an app to find people who look after your pet, who just opens it up to you with a video of some dogs licking the screen. Done! I love it. They appealed to my emotional part. Another app with a great experience of onboarding is Duolingo. I download it and I know it’s free (learn a free language, that’s great!); then I configure the initial setup (how much time will I invest if I know something about the language, etc.) and, without realizing it, I am using the app.

The onboarding experience is the biggest contributor to user engagement

But, where do I start? How do I know I need an onboarding?

In this chart, which shows the average retention curve of apps on Android, we can see that there is a significant drop between the day the application is installed and the next day. It is important to measure this retention, because if today you have a 20% withholding, you would be working only for that percentage, losing 80% of opportunities. It is essential to reach a 50% in retention, it is an essential part of all our effort.

Why do people need our app?

Understand the objectives and needs of our users.

What does the app offer?

How can we help them fulfill that goal or that need they are having?

What is the most important feature?

What is THE solution that we are going to give to users to fulfill the goals?

Design Sprint experience

We use the Design Sprint methodology created by Jack Napp, Google Partner. Basically it is a five-day sprint which concludes with a prototype to test with customers.

Having insights of the chosen prototype and thinking of an effective onboarding for our clients, we end up with two flows. One with gamification and one with a welcome audio. In gamification, each task is a mission and a reward is received upon completion. With this we boost motivation through the game. The second had a welcome audio where one of the founders of Tienda Nube explained the objectives and benefits of having an online store. At the end of the audio you made a series of continuous tasks, until you complete them and get to the main dashboard.

Crazy 8

We had to solve complex interactions and present solutions that can solve the needs of users. For that we use a very simple prototyping technique: crazy 8. It consists of making 8 different prototypes in 8 minutes. One design per minute. This gives you the number of proposals and the possibility of having different variants attacking the same problem. It is best to test these designs to get the best solution.


Once the two prototypes were finished, we performed usability tests with both and concluded that users preferred the app with gamification. They felt accompanied, they liked to have missions, to be rewarded and to congratulate them for all their achievements.

Finals Results

With the results of the tests, we made a final prototype, we did a final user test and launched the version of the new onboarding to the playstore. In Google PlayStore, users leave scores and comments that evaluate the operation and quality of the app, this makes it possible to quickly evaluate the effectiveness of our project. In our case, the average rebounded from the launch of the new onboarding, getting to reach our goal.

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