How do we know we need an onboarding?
The answer to that is: “the one day retention”. This is the metric that shows you, how many of the users who installed your app, reused it, the next day. With that information, we know that you have tu put a lot of energy in the retention. When it comes to raising the onboarding, it is a good idea to start by asking some key questions:

  1. Why do people need our app ?. Understand the objectives and needs of our users.
  2. What does the app offer? How can we help them achieve that goal or need.
  3. What is the most important feature? What is “the” or “the” solutions that we are going to give to fulfill its objective.

Once we have the answer of that question, we create to onboarding. We test the two option, and then we select the more adoption features of both ideas, and create only one option. We test once again the idea, and lunch it. We create significant result in our rating and also in the retention.

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